It has been observed that Management Graduates need to be better prepared for the workplace. So, what better way to do this than let students experience doing real work while they are still studying? Department of Management Studies has initiated an Industry Based Learning Program (IBLP) for Management Students.

Importance of IBLP

  • IBLP is a program which offers undergraduate management students the opportunity to undertake the practical exposure in an area relevant to their studies.
  • Through IBLP, students will be able to gain the practical exposure and knowledge as well as work flow of the industries along with their studies. It will be helpful to them in placement after their graduation.
  • The industry exposure enhances the undergraduate's work life through added enthusiasm and commitment; provides a lifelong learning experience; is an opportunity to engage with the profession to which they aspire in a realistic work environment; appreciate and understand the practical application of their academic program; work with professional mentors and to begin to build networks within their profession.
  • The practical skills of IBLP students encourages to their and others to apply skills and knowledge acquired through study in a real-life environment.
  • IBPL also help the students when they are in the Final Year of BBA and need to go for Internship. The students will have the list of industries of various sectors where they can go for their internship.
  • IBPL provides the students to participation in authentic, job-related tasks